Brompton Fountain Support In The Hospital

The Brompton Fountain offers support to families from the point of diagnosis onwards, throughout the patient journey. We understand that the difficulties of having a child with a medical condition do not stop after discharge from hospital and therefore provide services and information to help families at home, within the community.

Emotional support

We’re here to support families during their stay in any way we can. Our friendly hospital-based staff regularly visit families on the wards to listen to their concerns, give support and tell them more about our charity and how we can help them in the future. Parents are also very welcome to visit us in our charity office (by the lifts on level 2) where they can pop by for a tea or coffee and a chat. If you or a family member need support, please do get in touch with us. You can pop to our office, email us at hello@thebromptonfountain.org.uk or phone 07934548070.


Parent Pamper Evenings  We run a monthly pamper evening for parents of children staying on Rose Ward and PICU to give parents the chance to step away from the ward, connect with other parents and enjoy some time for themselves. We fund a professional masseuse and manicurist to come into the hospital, parents can choose the treatment they would like and enjoy a selection of food and drinks throughout the evening. The pamper evening is held in the parents lounge on level 6. 

Children’s Activity Afternoon  We run a weekly activity afternoon in the playroom for parents and children staying on Rose Ward and PICU. This is co-run with the Royal Brompton Hospital Play Team. We organise a range of arts and crafts activities for children and their parents to enjoy.  If a child is unable to leave their bedside, we bring activity bags to them so they don’t miss out. 

Essential Items

We keep a range of essential items at the hospital for families to use when needed (for example clothes detergent, toothbrush, shampoo/conditioner, shower gel and deodorant). If a family needs a specific item from the local area, a favourite food, or personal product we will assist whenever possible. If you are a family staying at Royal Brompton Hospital, please do get in touch with us if you need any essential items. 


We also provide food vouchers to parents/guardian of patients who have been in the hospital for longer than a four-week continuous period (the equivalent to one meal per day from the canteen for each parent/guardian).


Treats & Entertainment

Holiday celebrations We provide seasonal gifts for all of our patients and their siblings at many points throughout the year, including Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day and presents for parents on special days including Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. 

Welcome Bags When new families arrive on PICU or Rose Ward our family support team give them a Brompton Fountain welcome pack. The pack includes a variety of items we feel they may find useful during their stay. We also give out children’s activity packs which include an activity workbook and sensory items.   

Refreshments We run a weekly trolley to provide tea, coffee and biscuits for families on Rose Ward and PICU. We also regularly take round cakes, ice creams and other food treats!

Parent Treats We know how important it is for parents to look after themselves whilst staying at the hospital, to help them to do this we fund treats for long term parents including gym memberships and treatments such as massages and manicures. 

Children Entertainers We fund regular entertainers on Rose Ward and PICU for families to enjoy, entertainers include balloon artists, magicians and musicians!


Perinatal support

Alongside the Fetal clinical nurse specialist team, we run antenatal sessions for families after their diagnosis. We also give out new-born gift boxes to all families with new-born babies at the hospital. The box includes soft toys, baby clothes, a blanket, baby massage oil, a Brompton Fountain teddy bear, a book to read to their child and some other treats. We also provide bonding and breastfeeding flannel packs for families to help facilitate parental bonding.



We fund a variety of equipment at the hospital for a range of teams, including Chelsea and Community Hospital School, the Play Team, Dieticians, Psychology, Clinical Nurse Specialists and Nursery Nurses. Items we provide include arts and crafts, books, highchairs, activities and games, goody bags, prizes, vouchers, breast pumps, sensory toys, weaning spoons and much more. We also fund vital medical equipment including INR blood testing machines, oxygen saturation monitors, ECG machines and heart monitors.


Hospital Refurbishments

We fund refurbishments on Rose Ward, PICU and the parents’ accommodation on Level 6 and South Parade. This includes paintwork, flooring, furniture, blinds/curtains and decorations.


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