Bereavement support

Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals bring together some of the world’s top medical professionals and achieve outstanding clinical outcomes for patients. We are incredibly fortunate to have such remarkable people working here delivering the very highest standards of patient care. Despite this, there are sadly some patients that the medical team are unable to save. These patients will enter palliative care. Below is an overview of the support we provide to bereaved families.

Memory Box

The Brompton Fountain supports families throughout their journey, including those who experience the tragic loss of a loved one. When a child enters palliative care, families will receive a wooden memory box, containing various items that other parents have recommended to us over the years. Items include paints, canvas & paper, a keepsake box & ribbon, teddy bears, a candle, paper butterfly seeds, clay & a frame, cloth bags, and a badge & ornament.  We support families to use these items and build a box of memories with their child.

Facebook Support Group

Our online support group is open to all bereaved families who have been affected by the death of a Royal Brompton or Harefield Hospital patient. Our hope is that the group will be a source of comfort for families both in the long-term and immediate aftermath. Whether you want to ask advice from others in the same situation or get something off your chest, it is up to you to decide how to use the group. It is also a good place to recommend helpful resources that you come across and discover different services that are available to you. Join the Closed Group for Bereaved Brompton Families.

Remembrance Service

This annual service commemorates those we have lost and acts as a celebration of their lives. It is held at Royal Brompton Hospital and live streamed/recorded for those unable to attend. Hospital staff will also be in attendance to pay their respects and give readings sent in by bereaved families. The service is non-religious and open to all faiths. While the event is formal, children are welcome to attend.

Rainbow Party

This is a summer party for bereaved families, particularly siblings, to have fun and socialise. It is generally held in a London hotel or private park. Children’s entertainers will be present, along with traditional party activities (bouncy castle etc.) and food/drink. Adults are welcome to attend, as are wider family.

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