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There are many opportunities to get involved with The Brompton Fountain from fundraising to volunteering. We would love to hear your ideas, suggestions and any feedback you may have.

Trailblazers Youth Group

What is Trailblazers? Trailblazers is a youth group for young people aged between 13-25 years, who receive inpatient and/or outpatient care at the Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals. Trailblazers is run by The Brompton Fountain and Patient & Public Engagement Team at RBHH. Trailblazer members can: Have a say on youth healthcare services at Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals; Sign up to regular social events and activities; Take part in workshops to gain new life skills; Meet other young people who are receiving care at Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals. Sign up now.

How did Trailblazers start? Aimee, co-founder: “In Autumn 2013, I had a chat with Trudy about setting up a peer network for young people within Royal Brompton and Harefield.  Following my transition from paediatric to adult healthcare, I really missed the support and opportunities provided by The Brompton Fountain (as they only supported paediatric patients at the time!), and thought that something needed to be changed.  The seeds of ‘Trailblazers’ were sown!  In Spring 2018, Trailblazers took on a new lease of life following Chloe expressing a desire for a youth forum within RBHT.  Since then, Trailblazers have gone from strength to strength! The name ‘Trailblazers’ was chosen because we are doing something new, and leading the way for future young people within RBHT and beyond. There are many exciting social events and activities throughout the year, from paint parties to virtual escape rooms.  You can attend just one of these events, or all of them – it is entirely up to you!  We are always open to new ideas to add to our social events, so if you have an idea for an event, please do get in touch! Trailblazers also has a youth forum within RBHT, working alongside hospital staff on projects to create real change within the hospital and patient experience.  These are informal events where your voice can be heard and listened to. All of our events and meetings are able to be accessed on Zoom (even pre-Pandemic!), which means you can access them from wherever you are!  At all in-person events, strict infection control and cross-infection rules are adhered to at all times.”

Upcoming projects and events Some examples of our recent events include Junkyard Golf, Living Stories, cooking sessions, and painting workshops. Click here to see our upcoming events. 

Projects we have been involved in We created the following Procedure Support documents to help prepare you for what to expect for each of the following:

Having an X-ray

Having an Ultrasound

Having a PICC Line Dressing Change

Having a PICC Line

Having a MRI Scan

Having a ECHO

Having a ECG

Having a CT Scan

Having a Cannula 

Having a Blood Test

We also created a Transition Support Document to help you through the process of transitioning from children to adult services.

Raising Money For The Brompton Fountain

Money raised for The Brompton Fountain allows us to continue to provide support and resources to children, young people and their families. Up for a fundraising mission? Is there a challenge or activity you have always wanted to do? Fundraising can be great fun. There are lots of options for you to choose from, such as organising your own event with your friends and family or joining other Brompton Fountain fundraisers at one of our events. Fundraising activities don’t have to be complicated or time consuming.

Here’s some inspiration: join a Brompton Fountain planned event; organise an event such as a talent show or dress up day; sell items you don’t want anymore; request a fundraising pack; hold a bake sale or raffle; find out if your school or college would like to support The Brompton Fountain; complete a challenging activity and see if friends and family members will sponsor you; make cards or other handmade items to sell; or swap presents for donations. Don’t feel like fundraising? How about making a donation or buying some Brompton Fountain merchandise through our online shop.

Transition Days

The thought of moving from children’s to adult services can be daunting for young people and their families. One element of the support process offered for patients (and their families) receiving care at the Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals, is the opportunity to attend a condition specific transition day for young people aged 13-22 years. The Brompton Fountain works closely with the Trust’s Transition Teams to organise and fund these events to ensure content reflects the needs of young people and families attending. 

Transition Days, moreover, aim to provide opportunities for young people and their families to learn about the transfer process from children’s to adult. Guest speakers discuss topics relevant to young people, such as developing independence and looking after yourself. There are opportunities to meet other young people during the day, take part in activities and ask any questions you may have.

Our October CHD Transition Day in October 2023 included all about the heart teaching session; seminars on keeping yourself well, including healthy eating, exercise and lifestyle; discussion around mental health, drugs and alcohol ; charities such as Over the Wall, Hope UK and Somerville Heart Foundation speaking about the services they offer to young people; activities including slime making, rock painting and games; tour of Chelsea Football Stadium; and free goody bag.


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