The Brompton Fountain partners with The MedicAlert Foundation to provide a free 2-year MedicAlert membership and medical ID jewellery for children and young people at Royal Brompton Hospital. 


“We know how worrying it can be for parents, especially as they cannot always be with their child 24/7, to speak for them if they have a medical emergency. However, it is important that children retain a level of independence and a sense of normality as they grow up. MedicAlert can provide the safety blanket that both the parents and the child need and reassurance for the whole family.  This means that children with heart or lung conditions can be kids again!” – Trudy Nickels, CEO of The Brompton Fountain. 


How does MedicAlert work

As a MedicAlert member, the child’s record will hold information on their conditions, allergies, medications, history, implants and emergency contacts. It will also include any scanned documents that may be useful in an emergency, such as health management plans, advance decisions and clinical reports. Their record will be carefully checked by a MedicAlert registered nurse when it is created, and every time it is updated to ensure it is optimal for use in emergencies. 

Every member chooses from over 60 styles of medical ID jewellery, each holding the internationally recognised MedicAlert symbol. The jewellery will be engraved with the most vital information, along with the 24/7 emergency helpline and the child’s unique membership number. 

In an emergency, first responders will be alerted, via their jewellery, to the wearer’s most vital medical needs. They can then access the complete record, if required, via the 24/7 helpline from anywhere in the world in over 100 languages and dialects. This information ensures appropriate care decisions and helps avoid potentially fatal errors.

MedicAlert removes the need to carry information with you at all times and provides peace of mind that the member’s individual needs will be known about when it matters most and that someone will speak for the child if they need it. 

“We are delighted to be working with The Brompton Fountain. So many children can be too shy to advocate for themselves and, unfortunately, in some situations, may be unable to speak for themselves to convey their medical details. This partnership ensures that parents of these young patients can be confident that the right information will be provided in the right way and at the right time to keep their child safe. As a charity, our aim is to keep everyone with medical conditions safe, and projects like this enable us to do so.” – Kirsten Giles, CEO of MedicAlert UK.

You can sign up for a MedicAlert Medical ID here.

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